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The Wine Cellar Club has been a staple in Parry Sound for over 25 years, producing some of the best wines for every occasion.  

Wine Cellar Club is Parry Sounds  premier destination for personal winemaking! Whether you are planning a wedding, special event or just want to enjoy quality wine at a reasonable price, Wine Cellar Club is your first stop for winemaking in Muskoka.

Wine Cellar Club features up to date, state of the art machinery that vastly decreases the time it takes to craft a batch of quality wine. Our store boasts an automatic corker and bottle filler to help you bottle your wine quickly and effectively. Supplying only winery-grade grape juices and concentrated grape juices, along with expertise in winemaking from our suppliers and in-store advisors allows for an unparalleled opportunity for all wine lovers to create their favourite type of wine.

Wine Cellar Club helps you make affordable, commercial quality wines with expert help and in very little time! The staff is ready to help you make wine for any occasion so come in anytime, no appointment necessary.

Let us do the work! Our state-of-the-art equipment makes it fun and easy for you to make your favourite wines, and we do most of the work. After pitching the yeast, all you need to do is come back and bottle your wine when it’s ready!


Don't monkey around with the rest, when you can swing on down to the best.

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Wine Cellar Clubs

98 James St. Parry Sound

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